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8 Weeks

PRODUCER: David Gegia & Francesco Giannini


WRITER: Sophia and David Gegia

DIRECTOR: Francesco Giannini 


When her fellow tenants start to vanish without a trace, the paranoid Maggie suspects that her influential neighbours are in on an intricate conspiracy to end the world, as we know it.


When Maggie and her husband relocate from the sunshine state to the cold, dreary winters of Montreal, she is given only eight weeks to complete her new work assignment. They move into an upscale apartment building that caters to the very wealthy of the city’s elite and meet a slew of strange and interesting neighbours. One character in particular is the genius neurologist, Dr. Morrell, who claims to have discovered the cure for mortality.

When Maggie’s neighbours seem to vanish for weeks at a time and reappear out of thin air slightly different, she suspects Dr. Morrell. As the crisis deepens, a delusional tenant tells Maggie that she believes that Dr. Morrell and his clients are behind the world crisis. Maggie then starts to suspect that a wealthy neighbour who recently died might have replaced her husband. But without tangible proof, Maggie cannot decide what to do or whom to trust. In this suspenseful, action-packed sci-fi mystery, Maggie fights furiously to unveil Dr. Morrell’s conspiracy.


Franky Films optioned sci-fi thriller 8 Weeks, written by David Gegia, in the winter of 2017 and has continued to develop the script. Franky Films’ focus is packaging the film with one A-list star and because of its genre, as well as the strength and quality of the script, 8 Weeks has been garnering attention from international distributors like Shoreline and eOne.

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Woodland Grey

woodland grey movie poster franky films


GENRE: Psychological Thriller Horror 

WRITERS: Jesse Toufexis & Adam Reider

DIRECTOR:  Adam Reider

PRODUCERS: Francesco Giannini, Christina Saliba, John Fallon & Tamara Dupuis


When an older man living alone in the woods saves the life of a young woman, they are forced to coexist. Chaos ensues when the woman makes a terrifying discovery behind the man's cabin unleashing something truly haunting.


Woodland Grey is a stylized psychological thriller with horror elements throughout about a middle-aged hermit who lives alone in the deep woods. He rescues and eventually befriends a young hiker only to have her release a supernatural force in the form of a feral child from an old shed behind his cabin.

They flee the cabin in an attempt to escape the relentless pursuit of the child and their own disturbing inner demons.

Woodland Grey is very much a character-based film that deals with themes of guilt, grief and regret. The intensity of these emotions can cause strong physical manifestations and affect the very quality of our lives. Our lead characters demonstrate a desperate yearning to self medicate the darkest times in their lives through isolation. This is something that is so universal and ripe for the medium of film.


Award winning Montreal director Adam Reider will be at the directing helm of Woodland Grey with production set for the fourth quarter of 2017. Franky Films will be collaborating with both Spectropia Pictures and independent producer John Fallon, creator of one of the most successful horror movie websites in the world “Arrow in the Head”, part of the JoBlo Movie Network.

We have two horror icons attached to the project to star as our leads. Bill Moseley (The Devil’s Rejects, Texas Chainsaw 3D  House of 1000 Corpses, Night of the Living Dead, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2) and Danielle Harris (Rob Zombie's Halloween 1-2, Hatchet 2-3, Stakeland and she also played Jamie Lee Curtis daughter in the original Halloween franchise). With such a bold and intelligent screenplay and the superior talent that we have both in front and behind the camera, we are confident that Woodland Grey will not only sell very well, it will carve itself a place among some of the best horror films ever made as well.

We will be experimenting with Virtual Reality (VR) technology and storytelling to enhance the audience experience and in developing an innovative promotional strategy that touches on all avenues of new media.






PRODUCERS: Francesco Giannini, Alex Bains, Nicole Segal

DIRECTOR: Ryan Sheridan 

WRITERS: Ryan Sheridan & Alex Bains


As a kind-hearted college graduate struggling with mental illness, it’s easy for Heather to turn a blind eye to the unsettling behavior of a family member. After all, what could her frail, elderly grandmother be capable of?


After an accident leaves her mother in critical condition, Heather clings to what family she has left by taking care of her mentally unwell grandmother, Rose. Heather wants to enjoy the summer with her friends but is forced to juggle managing her grandmother's unsettling, and at times violent, behaviour with keeping her own psychological health in check. Soon Heather realizes she cannot care for her grandmother alone and hires Nick, a charming and patient caregiver who comes to take care of Rose.

The day comes for a long anticipated party. A multitude of friends and acquaintances have shown up for what will no doubt be a wild night. Accompanied by Sam, Heather for once seems to be enjoying her time in the house. Her enjoyment is quickly halted when confronted by her aggressive ex- boyfriend in a secluded bathroom. Things are made hauntingly worse when Rose appears. 

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The Thousand Legged Terror

DIRECTOR: Frederic Lefebvre 

WRITERS: Adam Kolodney

PRODUCERS: Christina Saliba, Francesco Giannini & Tamara Dupuis




An unlikely mixed group of strangers band together during a mile-long highway traffic jam, when a vicious, 60-foot other-worldly monster terrorizes the stretch of unsuspecting stranded drivers and passengers at their feet. 


A diverse group of strangers become a group of unlikely friends, when a mile-long highway traffic jam bonds them, and a mysterious waist-level layer of gas surrounds the area. Unable to proceed forwards or backwards, the group is relieved to learn that the gas is declared non-hazardous, and a dangerous sense of hope blankets the entire trapped community. As the hot summer day turns to night, an unseen and unspeakable monster lurks between the vehicles, under the dense floating gas, stalking individuals, even families, at their feet. Upon the darkness of night, and the loss of the on-site authorities, the monster with a thousand human arms reveals itself and its capabilities publicly! The hundreds of terrified people take shelter inside or on top of their vehicles, leading to more mayhem and carnage! With members of their core already eaten by the smart vicious creature, the group is led by two very different heroes, moving them to the front (and cause) of the traffic jam, and to a final showdown with the otherworldly beast! 

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Man Lost World

man lost world poster franky films



DIRECTOR: Francesco Giannini

PRODUCER: Francesco Giannini, Eric Gozlan, Christina Saliba

WRITER: Frank Tremblay

TAGLINE: Plains people, Forests people,  Mountains people, Which type are you ?

LOGLINE: A grieving postman agrees to help a new friend connect with his teenage son, but begins to befriend the kid, believing he would make a better father figure.


Man Lost World tells the tale of Harvey: a 55-year-old, emotionally distorted introvert working in the dead letter department of the post office. The unexpected death of his mother shocks him out of his mundane routine and it pushes him to take on the mission of helping a new found friend, John, connect with his son, Sam. Craving a father-son relationship, having never had one himself, Harvey starts to befriend Sam, believing that he would make a better father figure for Sam than John ever could.

Obsessed with this, he fails to see the potential wrong in his actions and after years of violating strangers by reading their lost mail, Harvey embarks on a twisted game of falsifying reality. Man Lost World is more than a father-son reconciliation story: it is a film about self-discovery through our circumstances and the people we choose to surround ourselves with, and the role of our past; its influence on the present and the road it paves for the future.


Franky Films recently partnered with Goldrush Entertainment to produce Man Lost World, a psychological drama about life, loss and the missed opportunities in father and son dynamics. Goldrush Entertainment has produced award winning films such as Beautiful Boy starring Maria Bello and Michael Sheen, and the action-thriller Standoff starring Laurence Fishburne and Thomas Jane. Filming is projected to take place in Winter of 2018.




The Flare

the flare poster franky films



DIRECTOR:  Francesco Giannini

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Mark Downie & Matthew Morris

WRITERS: Johann Saint Louis &  Francesco Giannini

CAST:  Trevor Hayes, Guy Sprung, Ellen David & Miranda Handford


"Who will be left to tell your story?"

LOGLINE: In a world brought back to the pre-Industrial Revolution, a reclusive middle-aged woman goes on a quest to uncover her past before being taken to a permanent retirement facility.


2031. Earth is recovering from a massive solar flare that has destroyed infrastructures, computerized equipment and satellites, and damaged millions of memory cards across continents.

Alice has 14 hours to report to authorities before being irrevocably ‘inserted’ into the Providence Program – a state-of-the-art, yet foreboding retirement home.

She will embark on a final journey, knowing this is her last chance to piece together her fragmented mind and to find out what happened to her family.


Franky Films recently partnered with an American production and film finance company, Battery Park Entertainment (BPE), to produce The Flare, a sci-fi drama television series that challenges viewers to question their own relationship to technology. BPE’s present focus is on packaging the series, which includes attaching A-list talent such as Carrie-Anne Moss in the lead of Alice and both a domestic and international distributor. The short won accolades both locally and internationally and is still making a successful run on the festival circuit.

The Flare is looking at a budget of $3M CAD/episode with a series arc of four seasons. We are looking to keep production in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, reinvigorating the film and television industry here using local talent and professional crew. We want to make The Flare as popular and consistent in Montreal, as Orphan Black is in Toronto.






CREATORS: Francesco Giannini  & Anne-Marie Jean

PRODUCERS: Francesco Giannini & Anne-Marie Jean


WRITER: James Sirois

TAGLINE:  Power: The ultimate aphrodisiac.


Evangeline, a young and successful business woman with a
troubled past wades through the high pressures of fierce
competition, learning to capitalize on the balance between
sex and power...


"The Madam", matriarch to the most popular escort agency on the west coast is a title fought for by many, creating a dangerous and risky game of tactics and psychological chess, a game that Evangeline plays all too well. She and     others from different walks-of-life come together in a world of high-end luxury and success as their stories entwine through the business of underground Sex clubs, escorting and empire-building.





Checking Inn

Checking inn poster franky films


GENRE:  TV Series

DIRECTOR: Francesco Giannini 

TAGLINE: "Emotional baggage welcome!"  


Business at the independently owned Misty Inn has been slow for the past few years and moral is at an all-time low. A new manager is hired in hopes of saving the hotel from bankruptcy. But as it turns out, the employees need the hotel more than it needs them.

HOTEL SLOGAN: "Welcome back, we mist you!"


The Race Of Life

the race of life poster franky films



DIRECTOR: Francesco Giannini

WRITER: Francesco Giannini, Micheal Sullivan

CAST: Timothy Hine, Paul Ash, Kristina Sandev, Trudi Yearwood, Samuel Platel

TAGLINE: "There are five babies born every second around the world...but this one will matter! "


‘’The Race Of Life’’ is a short live action comedy film, a parody of both reality television and game shows. In it, we witness the last few minutes of the final show of the season and the contestants are trying to win a million dollars by delivering their baby first, live on network television. Through a montage of the previous season, we will see different contestants and their various strategies to get pregnant and win the contest. But with a surprise twist in the final moments, one baby's life will be changed forever!



2012 Official Selection: Cannes Short Film Corner

2012 Official Selection: Montreal ComicCon

2013 Official Selection: Actra Film Festival

2013 Official Selection: Festival du Film International de St-Sauveur

2013 Official Selection: Canadian Film Fest

2013 Official Selection: Événement Court-Circuit

2012 Official Selection: Rail City Roadshow


The Prince

the prince poster franky films



DIRECTOR: Francesco Giannini

CAST: Vince Benvenuto, Lesley Leichtweis Bernardi, Suzie Etesonne


An arrogant young man visits his father who appears to be on his deathbed. The son, our "Prince", is not coming to shed tears or to say farewell. He has only come to ask his father where he’s hidden the money. The dying man answers with a weak, cryptic response. This same response is given again and again, leaving the son bewildered and frustrated. On the last day of his visit, however, he finally gets an answer. Loud and clear!



2014 ­ Official Selection: Milano International Film Festival

2014 ­ Official Selection: Canadian Film Festival

2014­ Official Selection ACTRA Shorts Film Festival (Runner­Up)

2014­ Official Selection: Film Shortage

2014 Official Selection: Micro Films Festival